Anything Goes is a classic musical set aboard the ocean liner S.S. American in the 1930s. The story follows the madcap adventures of passengers and crew members as they navigate love, mistaken identities, and comedic misunderstandings. At the center of the chaos is Billy Crocker, a young Wall Street broker, who stows away on the ship to pursue the woman of his dreams, Hope Harcourt. However, Hope is engaged to the wealthy but comically inept Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. The situation becomes even more complicated when nightclub singer Reno Sweeney, who harbors feelings for Billy, gets involved. As the ship sails from New York to London, the characters find themselves entangled in a whirlwind of romance and hilarity, all set to the iconic music and lyrics of Cole Porter. The musical is known for its catchy tunes, witty dialogue, and dazzling dance numbers, making it a timeless and entertaining theatrical experience. 

This 2022 Revision has twice as much dance music as the 1962 version and includes the hits "I Get a Kick Out of You," "You're the Top," "Friendship," "It's De-Lovely" and the title song, along with "Easy to Love," “Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye” and "Buddie, Beware."

Wausau Community Theatre proudly announces auditions for Anything Goes!

Directed by Chanel Volpel

Auditions will be held at Wausau Community Theatre

136 Summer Street,  Schofield, WI 54476. 

Saturday March 2nd, 5-8pm
Saturday March 9th, 11am-2pm
*Please note that callbacks will be held on March 10th by invitation only.
Please sign up for an audition time here.

Performances will be at the UW Civic Center of Engagement May 31st-June 9th.

  • May 31 (evening)
  • June 1 (evening)
  • June 2 (matinee)
  • June 6 (evening)
  • June 7 (evening)
  • June 8 (matinee and evening)
  • June 9 (matinee)

Come prepared to audition with a song in the style of the show, and bring in your own karaoke accompaniment (we will provide computer/Bluetooth speakers to play it on). We will have sides (short scenes) from the show for readings.  There will be a movement/dance component, so wear something comfortable and be ready to learn a short choreographed piece.

Rehearsals begin April 1st and are primarily weekday evenings and several Saturday mornings.

Please direct all questions to director Chanel Volpel at or 715-281-4297.

Reno Sweeney [Vocal Range: Mezzo G3-Eb5] A brassy evangelist turned nightclub singer. Reno exudes charisma, humor, and wisdom. She maintains a poised exterior while harboring a romantic and tenderhearted nature beneath her bravado. Reno is a consummate performer, requiring excellent comedic timing and stage presence. Initially in love with Billy.
Hope Harcourt [Vocal Range: Soprano A4-Bb5] A well-known debutante navigating love and duty. Sweet with a strong moral sense, is willing to marry for societal expectations rather than love. She possesses a mischievous sense of humor, and struggles to resist Billy's advances and antics.
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh [Vocal Range: Baritone C3-G4] Hope's aristocratic English fiancé with a steady charm and earnest nature. Fascinated by all things American. Must maintain a believable upper-crust English accent. Evelyn is good-natured, gullible, and charmingly clueless. Comfortable with comedic acting.
Elisha Whitney [Vocal Range: Baritone C3-D4]  A google-eyed tycoon, near-sighted and a functional drunk. Boasts a huge personality, is loyal to his alma mater (Yale), and is outlandish in his pursuit of Evangeline.
Billy Crocker [Vocal Range: Tenor B3-G4] Elisha Whitney's kind but inefficient assistant, deeply in love with Hope. Charismatic and possessing both verbal and physical comedic timing, Billy is idealistic, confident, and willing to embark on silly situations.
Moonface Martin [Vocal Range: Tenor Bb3-Gb4] A hapless gangster, Public Enemy no. 13, posing as a reverend. Lovable gangster with a keen interest in climbing the “wanted” ladder. Wily, quick-witted, and loyal, Moonface carries a machine gun but is somewhat inexperienced. Requires excellent comedic timing.
Erma [Vocal Range: Mezzo A4-C#5] A striking dame with a bold presence. Independent, modern, and driven by immediate gratification. Erma must be a confident and sexy presence, capable of broad physical comedy, and carry a "Joysey" accent. Despite her brazen ways, she remains lovably clueless.

Evangeline Harcourt [Vocal range: Any] Hope's widowed mother, primarily concerned with social status and wealth. A snob who, despite the crash, aims for Hope to marry rich to maintain societal standing. Must transition between refined lady and panic-stricken comedienne.  Loves her dog.
Spit and Dippy [Vocal range: Any] Two rascally New York City street toughs.
Captain [Vocal range: Baritone ] In charge of the S.S. American, intelligent, strong, and somewhat obsessed with prestige. Requires good comedic timing.
Purser [Vocal range: Tenor] A reliable and alert figure on the ship, with a confident style. Must have great comedic timing and physicality.
Male Quartet of Sailors [Vocal range: Any] Sailors who are featured singers
Purity [Vocal range: Any] Showgirl Angel #1 with Reno’s act
Chastity [Vocal range: Any] Showgirl Angel #2 with Reno’s act
Charity [Vocal range: Any] Showgirl Angel #3 with Reno’s act
Virtue [Vocal range: Any] Showgirl Angel #4 with Reno’s act
Members of Reno's backup singers/dancers, exuding magnetism. Must be comfortable with cheesecake and possess strong movement, dance skills, and harmonies.

Assorted Others [Vocal range: Any]
Fred – A bartender
Henry T. Dobson – A minister
2 Reporters
News Photographer
2 F.B.I Agents
Old Lady in a Wheelchair

Ensemble [Vocal range: Any]
Passengers – Men and women
Ship’s Crew – Male chorus/dancers
Ship’s Passengers – Men and women, singers/dancers