Wausau Community Theatre's first season was 1935-1936 with Noel Seim as its director.  Seim and a group of volunteers did everything; directed, sold publicity, scrounged up rehearsal space, built the sets and performed.  World War II caused a brief hiatus, but WCT returned triumphantly in 1947 with Seim at the helm.  He left Wausau in 1959 to join the faculty of Marquette University after directing all but two shows over seventeen seasons.  His love for WCT was shown again when he left the organization a sizeable endowment upon his passing.  

The organization went dark from 1959-1962 and was revitalized by Sybil Ferguson, who renewed the community's interest by visiting service clubs and pitching the idea of a revival.  She attained the club's membership lists and with this help, handed out 1,760 surveys, with over 700 returned and 561 favoring the rejuvenation.  She was quoted to have said, "It's the organization itself, really, that has proved worthy of continuity, and of the people's efforts, time and dedication."

 Another former board president, Mary O'Keefe, sums up WCT's success, "We prosper because of a broad base of community involvement; all levels and all ages of people freely contribute talents and time and that makes the difference."  This community support and involvement has not only helped Wausau Community Theatre make a difference in Wausau's cultural experience for almost eight decades, but also makes it possible for us to lead the way in bringing local talent together to provide a quality, accessible and affordable theatre experience for the community, by the community.  WCT is also proud to "pay it back" to our community by donating tickets to nonprofit organizations for use in their fundraising events and by providing tickets to organizations that serve families needing some help and support.  Wausau Community Theatre helps extend the memorable experience of live theatre to those throughout the community who may not otherwise have this opportunity. 

​Currently the board is working to restructure the group as a completely volunteer-run organization, and is working to ensure the longevity of having Wausau Community Theatre around for a 90th season and  for many more years to come.