Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  We are blessed with very talented people in Wausau and surrounding areas.  There were many possibilities for almost every role.  I have mentioned that I will be asking people to understudy roles because of all the vacations that will be happening during our rehearsal time.  I don’t have an understudy identified for each role yet, only because I have not talked with them yet.  We have a strong cast…..we will need to work really hard to bring this up to the potential it has.  Can’t wait to get started.  First meeting Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 4:30 to get scripts and scores. 

Maria Rainer 

   Nicole Congdon u/s Andrea Scheel

Captain Von Trapp 

    Tim Blahnik u/s TBD

The Mother Abbess   

    Michele McKenna

Sister Bertha 

    Catherine Baratta u/s TBD

Sister Margaretta 

    Angela Ewald

Sister Sophia 

    Tess Mitchell u/s Shelly Bovet

Franz, the butler   

   Mike McKenna

Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper 

    Carolyn Sienko


    Skylar Mar u/s Maggie Yarie


    Nolan Travis u/s Cody Bauer


    Emily Jacobson u/s Henna Smerda


    Calvin Burgess u/s Cody Bauer


    Paige Scheel                                          


    Zoey Swanson


    Delany Johnson u/s Liberty Scheel

Rolf Gruber 

    Brendan Raboin                                

Elsa Schraeder   

    Kendra Evans u/s MC Polesnak

Max Detweiler

    Hunter Frahm u/s Scott Fritsche

Baron Elberfeld  

    Mike Wasilczuk                      

Baroness Elberfeld

    Deb Wasilczuk

Herr Zeller

    Joseph Mielke                                     

Frau Zeller

    Shelly Bovet                              

New Postulant

    Brianna Schmidt                        

Admiral Von Schreiber

    Cavan Kelly



Andrew Schimmel

Cody Bauer

Teran Olvera

Jimmy Rau

Joseph Mielke

Terrek Schjoth

Cavan Kelly


Nuns Chorus

*Amanda Bloch

Shelley Bovet

Angela Ewald

Sherry Larson

Karie McAuliffe

Peggy Norton

Corinne Rhoden

Autumn Schwenk

Andrea Scheel

*Brianna Schmidt

Emily Sherfinski

*Samantha Sheetz

Lily Stanley

*Henna Smerda

Alexia Ulrich

Deb Wasilczuk

*Genevieve Weaver

*Zoey Yang

Margaret Yarie

Melissa Zink

* Postulants


Party Guests