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What happens when you put ten men on four boats and send them down a river in 1869? Mapmaking and hijinks ensue! The catch? All of these men are played by female-identifying actors! This tells the “true-ish story of John Wesley Powell, his crew, and their journey down the Green and Colorado River into the Grand Canyon”.

We are looking for a diverse cast of actors of different ethnicities, ages, and disabilities. You have never gotten to play characters like these! Actors, come ready to bring your manliest swagger and share this bit of American history that has never been told like this. Our cast should be comprised of racially diverse actors who are female-identifying, trans-identifying, gender-fluid, and/or non-gender-conforming. Singing and some musical instrument skills are a plus! We have some moments of musicality in the show and would like to showcase your talents.

Auditions will be at Wausau Community Theatre (136 Summer St, Schofield, WI 54476) on January 28th from 3-5PM and January 29th from 12-2PM. We will have sides from the show for readings. There will be a movement component, so wear something comfortable and be ready to work with our movement director.

If you have any questions regarding auditions, please contact directors Gillian Waukau at or 715-212-2001, or Chanel Volpel at or 715-281-4297.



Aboard the Emma Dean, the boat named after Powell’s wife
John Wesley POWELL—one-armed leader of the expedition
William DUNN—hunter and trapper
John Colton SUMNER—former soldier, current explorer

Aboard the Kitty Clyde’s Sister, the boat named after Kitty Clyde’s sister
OLD SHADY—Powell’s older brother, Civil War vet
BRADLEY—lieutenant, manic with youth

Aboard the No-Name, the boat named after nothing
O.G. Howland—printer and hunter (non-white actor preferred)
SENECA Howland—O.G.’s quiet little brother (non-white actor preferred)
Frank GOODMAN—British, so excited Aboard the Maid of the Canyon, the party boat (bring your best British accent)
HALL—mapmaker, old soul
HAWKINS—the cook

TSAUWIAT—a Ute chief (doubles with O.G. Howland)
THE BISHOP—Tsauwiat’s wife (doubles with Seneca Howland)
MR. ASA—a desert settler (doubles with Goodman)

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