Saturday, April 9th at 2pm

Sunday, April 10th at 2pm

Wausau Community Theatre
136 Summer St., Schofield


Music & Lyrics by STEPHEN SCWARTZ
Directed by KC HOFER
Music Direction by BRENNA OHRMUNDT

We’ve got magic to do!  Wausau Community Theatre is pleased to announce auditions for Pippin! Stephen Schwartz's magical score tells the story of Pippin, the heir to the throne of King Charlemagne.  This wonderful musical, originally directed by Bob Fosse, follows Pippin in his quest for a life full of meaning and greatness, aided by the Leading Player and her troupe of performers.  Pippin is a joyous celebration with many popular and catchy songs that live long in the audience's hearts, such as “Magic to Do”, “Spread a Little Sunshine”, “Corner of the Sky” and “Morning Glow.”

Auditions will be held on April 9th and 10th at Wausau Community Theatre at 2pm.


Come prepared to audition with a song in the style of the show.  Bring your own karaoke accompaniment (we will provide computer/bluetooth speakers to play it on).  We will have sides from the show for readings.  There will be a movement/dance component, so wear something comfortable and be ready to learn a short choreographed piece.


Rehearsals start April 25th and will be mostly held on weeknights.  There will also be some weekend rehearsals for choreography.  These will be all day events, and we will get that information to you if you get cast.


Character Breakdown


Leading Player: An absolute triple threat. Strongest in cast in acting, singing, and dancing. Very charismatic and leads the show, but also has that tint of some sinister motives. Female. Alto.


Pippin: Beautiful singing voice. Moderate dance talent. Book smart and handsome, yet a little naive and a sweetness to his innocence and excitement. Guitar skill optional. Late teens, early twenties. Tenor.


Charlamagne: Does not have to be a strong dancer or singer. Can sing with a character voice. A good actor. A little bossy, a little oblivious and self-important. Older Male. Baritone.


Fastrada: Strong dancer and moderate singer. Charlemagne’s wife and Pippin’s stepmother. A manipulative woman and very vain and obsessed with her own looks. Older female, yet notably younger than Charlamagne. Mezzo-soprano.


Lewis: Pippin’s half-brother. Son of Fastrada. Should appear muscular and strong. Very into his looks and strength. Not as smart as Pippin. Late teens, early twenties. Does not sing.

Berthe: Pippin’s grandmother. Wise but enjoys the simple things of life, and her harem of young men. A bit saucy. Possible character singing voice. Very brassy and forward. Older female. Alto.


Catherine: A young widow, and Pippin’s love interest. Good singing voice. Dancing is not a strong requirement. Cute and sweet, more mature than Pippin. Mezzo-soprano.


Theo/Thea: A young boy or young girl. Catherine’s son or daughter. Must carry a tune. Around 9-14 years old. Tenor/soprano.


Dance Captain/Assistant Choreographer: Strong dancer to lead choreography rehearsals and be featured in the show as well in featured dancing roles. Will work with Mrs. Fritsche on developing some choreography. Male or female.


Ensemble: 10-20 men and women to play the troupe of the Leading Player. These will be singers, clowns, and dancers to play the various other roles. Looking for people with interesting and robust talents to feature. Some will be featured dancers, as well as have moments to shine in other parts of the show, ex. juggling or acrobatics, etc.. One must be able to mime playing the guitar. Soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass. 

If you have any questions, contact Director KC Hofer at or 605-415-2449.