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All roles, unless otherwise announced are open.  WCT encourages anyone who is interested to audition and is always eager to welcome new faces and fresh talent to the stage.  Those interested in participating offstage are also welcome.  WCT has a non-discrimination policy that is available upon request.

If, after open auditions are held, the director believes a particular role or roles cannot be cast, additional actors may be contacted.   Being invited to audition does not guarantee a role.   Coming back to audition multiple times requires the approval of the director.  If an actor has conflicts with the announced audition dates and times, alternatives are possible at the discretion of the director.  If callbacks are held, being called back does not guarantee being cast in the show and not being called back does not eliminate you from consideration.

By auditioning you are obligating yourself to a considerable rehearsal and performance schedule.  Please be certain that you are willing and able to make this commitment and be up front about all known conflicts when completing the audition form.

Audition information is available on the WCT website and Facebook page.  Reviewing this in advance of the audition can help provide an idea of the roles most suitable for you.  Keep in mind that talent is not always the most important factor in properly casting a show.  All roles are just not suitable for all people and sometimes the person who is the best fit may be more important.

Casting decisions are ultimately made by the show’s director with the input of its production staff.  The director reserves the right to make casting adjustments at any time throughout the rehearsal process for reasons including, but not limited to behavior, availability, and ability to execute the role.  All concerns or questions should be addressed to the Board liaison introduced at auditions.


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